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This quiz is for students of the schools which have been with during the English Camps.You can answer the following questions and submit your answer to Those who can answer the questions correctly will be given special prizes and the prizes will be delivered to your address throughout Indonesia.
Please mention your names, schools, and home address together along with your answers to our email.

1. Mention the capital city of 5 big provinces in Indonesia
2. What is the name of Indonesia's first vice president?
3. What is the main local language spoken in West Java?
4. Where is Medan located in Indonesia?
5. Who created the song "Indonesia Raya"?
6. Mention the five pillars of Pancasila in English.
7. What musical instrument that is originally from West Java?
8. When did Indonesia get its Independence from colonialism?
9. What special food comes from Indonesia?
10. What is the name of Indonesia's president who had been the president for almost 32 years?

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